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I am a girl who loves to dance, to highlight her curves and to please the guys, I would like my living room to be a place where the only limit is total, I want to be admired and to be able to please them enjoyment

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Dove Kammeron: I Miss Your Excited Body!

Posted by admin | Posted in 18 eighteen girls | Posted on 25-05-2024


I feel that my days away from you have become a complete monotony that time runs slowly and the gray tones reach me in a hurry, I am looking for a way out of so much loneliness and your company is a scene to smile, I just hope that you allow me to continue Enjoying a little of what we have, what we feel and what we are going to experience, I leave you a fragment of one of my favorite poems, I recommend the author!"We had to throw ourselves into the future and stop looking back with so much nostalgia, with so much desire to resurrect a non-existent past. "Excess memory prevents us from living forward."MM

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